05 September 2009

My first week at OgilvyPR

As I look at the calendar, my first week at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide is long gone. I've already been with the firm for just over two weeks, and it already feels like I've worked there for six months. Here's why:

1. The people at Ogilvy are really amazing. I've received an incredibly warm welcome that has helped me ramp up fast. (In particular, I especially have to thank @rachelpolish and @christinengo for their guidance and mentorship.)

2. I've been thrown right into the mix, and I love it. From Day 1, it's been go, go, go!

3. Between multiple in depth trainings, dinner with @jbell99 last week and lots of creative brainstorms, I feel like I've been a Digital Strategist for much longer than 12 days.

This seems to be the story of my life at the moment. Since the beginning of the summer, I celebrated my third year anniversary at Page One PR, got engaged, moved out of the city (sniff), started planning my wedding and, most recently, joined the 360º Digital Influence Practice at Ogilvy. Talk about embracing change!

So far, I'm still loving life. After cutting my teeth in the land of enterprise technology start ups, it's both super cool and incredibly different to be working with Fortune 50 companies both within and outside of tech. Working fast and being smart are still just as applicable to being a Digital Strategist as they were to keeping up with start ups. In addition, the global network of 360º Digital Influence resources is truly awesome.

What does this mean for Communicating Sense?

For starters, I'll be writing a lot more about using social media for PR and marketing! Other than that, I don't anticipate many changes.

In the meantime, if you're interested in learning more about Ogilvy's 360º Digital Influence Practice, I invite you to check out our blog. You can also read over a few case studies to see how Ogilvy has launched campaigns across the social Web, such as Lenovo's Voices of the Summer Games, Tropicana's Trop50 featuring The Juice (co-created with BlogHer), and much, much more.


Bret Clement said...

Congrats on all the fun stuff! Also, very cool use of Apture above. Didn't know you could do that with Twitter aliases inside a blog.

Tristan Harris said...

Second that. I've been looking at different uses of Apture across the web but your PR-oriented blog caught my attention. Used in a PR context, it could be used to add credibility and flavor to corporate communications and a more vivid sense of who's behind the messages (with interactive links to videos of quoted sources, e.g. http://www.apture.com/seriesA). Have you considered using it with Ogilvy?

(CEO/Co-Founder Apture)

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