09 January 2010

Living the Anthropologie Life

This is the second year I've received my Happy Birthday coupon in the mail from Anthropologie, except it's way more than a coupon. It's a necklace with a birthday candle charm (see left) PLUS a coupon.

The moment I opened the padded envelope from Anthropologie, I was both excited and touched - how sweet of them to think of me on my special day!

The back of the card has the following message:

This little gift is for you and only you and cannot be turned into chocolate, flowers or cash. It's a one time treat, gladly accepted in our retail stores (not online), so bring this note, along with your Anthro card, and enjoy!

Heck, yeah, I'm going to use this! Why? Because Anthropologie sells me more than clothing and accessories. It sells me an experience and I want to live the Anthropologie life.

Just think of how many coupons, offers and discount opportunities you receive on a daily basis. Particularly in this economy, it's not uncommon to get overloaded with sales and customer loyalty programs no matter what time of year it is.

What I love about Anthropologie is that everything about the company, from its catalogs to window displays to its Web site, breathes inspiration, beauty and sentimentality.

Photo by Elena777 posted to Flickr

What's better, the company has a sincerity about it as Anthro products stand up to its character. Sure, the company has a good following on Facebook and Twitter, but it's the embodiment of specific ideals and emotions that create Anthro's strong customer loyalties.

So, despite the multiple discount emails, letters and phone calls I receive (and usually delete or discard) each day, I fully plan to head over to Anthropologie and make good use of my 15% birthday coupon. Of course, who doesn't enjoy a celebratory shopping spree?!

What companies do you admire? What life are you living?


Kim said...

There's an Anthropologie birthday coupon??!! Why didn't I get one last month?? I wonder if it went to my old apartment and my former roommates stole it... grr...

Anyway, enjoy your birthday shopping spree! Anthro is having a big sale right now, so you will be tempted by many, many things. Don't say I didn't warn you... ;)


Kim, I went yesterday and spent a fortune! I get the coupon because I have an Anthro card that I swipe with each purchase. It's not a credit card, but it helps them keep track of what I've bought, which boutique brands I like and can also serve as a record of my purchases in case I lose a receipt. Do you have one? If not, get one asap!

Craig Oda said...

This is an interesting insight that companies are creating lifestyle images. The reason to become of a fan of a company or product is because you identify with the other people that buy the product. Maybe there will be a community of people formed around "Communicating Sense"?


Hah, Craig - one can only hope :-) Thanks for the comment!

Kim said...

Actually, I've had an Anthro card since they first came out a couple years ago.

Last time I was in the store, I asked one of the sales girls about the birthday coupon. She told me that only SOME customers receive it. Apparently you need to somehow curry favor with the Anthropologie gods.

I guess they really like you, lucky lady! :)


Kim, how interesting! I must spend WAAAAY to much money there!